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Newgonomics Programs for Individuals and the Workplace
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Newgonomics is On-Site Evaluations | Training | Education

Challenging 15-30 second stretches for the body eyes and brain | At your desk or on the go
Relieve Eye Strain | Take Control of Daily Aches | Counter Balance Fatigue | Increase Mental Acuity

Set the Pace for Your Team | Call Us Today 404.997.3539 (FLEX)

Newgonomics = Productivity | One Time or Ongoing Training Sessions Help to Resolve Current and Future Posture, Workstation, Carpal Tunnel, and Repetitive Stress Challenges in the Workplace and at home

TS | Healthy Lifestyles | Custom Nutrition Based Education | Pre and Post Health Evaluation | Eye Stretches | Balance Training | Be in charge of your wellness!

TS | Introduction to Balance | Brief overview of Balance and how to use it to your advantage | 5 Stretches | Affordable Equipment Alternatives | Ambidextrous Tips | Recharge your employees!  

TS | Workstation Evaluation | Adjust Comfort Level | Tips and Tricks | Tools of the Trade | Affordable Equipment Alternatives | Ambidextrous Tips  

TS | Computer Fit Training | Dangers of a Workstation | Quick Stretches | Deep Breathing | Ambidextrous Tips | Tools of the Trade | Eye Stretches | Balance Training

TS | Advanced Athletics Flex Stretch Training | Focus on Flexibility | Recovery Training | Deep Breathing | Ambidextrous Advantage | Eye Stretches | Advanced Balance Training | Advanced Tools of the Trade | NFL NBA MLB NHL MBA MMA Fighters Golfers Youth Athletics and More

TS | Gamer Fit Training | Highers Scores | Quicker Recovery | Tools of the Trade for Video Gamers; Causal and Competitive | Quick Stretches | Ambidextrous Tips | Dangers and Results of Mobile Gaming | Eye Stretches | Balance Training

General Education

TS | Lunch and Learn Seminars | On-site Education for Specific Groups | Overcoming Repetitive Stress | Early Detection | Early Prevention

TS | Public Speaking and Education | General Education about Repetitive Stress Injuries | Limited Range of Motion | Risk of Injuries

Think in opposites to balance your support muscles

Avoid one of the largest groups of injuries in the US

How do you know that we can help? 

Do you perform the same repetitive tasks all day? Do you limit your range of motion (sitting at a PC | Answering the phone | Standing behind a counter | Or even attending school) for 4-8 hours a day resulting in any of the following:


Aches and Pains | Eye Strain and Fatigue | Back Pain | Shoulder Soreness | Repetitive Stress Injuries | Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | Then we can help

Bringing Balance

How is limited range of motion effecting us?

Does your current ergonomics plan address the underlying causes? -  Need Training?

Early Detection Early Prevention

Carpal Tunnel and Repetitive Stress Injuries effect thousands and costs hundreds of millions each year. Most are not able to identify the injury. This will affect your employees and their clients - Let us help | We'll bring the training to you

Do mobile devices and laptops limit range of motion? Find out

Do Your Wrists | Arms | Shoulders Hurt? | Need the Facts?

Events | Investigate what's on the wellness horizon

Incentive Discounts

Group Rates | Get more value for your business, school, or individual referrals

Referral Discounts | Find out how to save on your individual wellness training

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Innovative Wellness Tips


Stretch Eyes to Battle Fatigue


Build Smaller Muscle Groups for Major Results

Using Flexibility to Avoid Injuries


Early Detection Early Prevention


Understand the Ambidextrous Advantage


Breath Better to Perform Better

pH Level Directly Effects Fatigue

Absorbed vs Digested Water


Stretching Decreases Aches and Pains

Find Out How to Slow Aging by Reducing eWaste